Flatter your Facial Features with Botox and Fillers

When old age starts kicking in, your face will be the first to tell the tale. You may develop frown lines or wrinkles and creases that you may typically not wish to have yet. An effective way of eliminating these facial concerns is Botox and fillers Coral Gables treatment. The two treatments are the ultimate choice to help smooth out that crease or eliminate your deep scars, leaving you looking all-natural yet refreshingly youthful. You can maintain that glowing look by scheduling more treatment over time.

What is Botox?

Botox is an injection that uses botulinum toxin to affect the nerves causing muscle weakening. The injection can be helpful medically, for example, in preventing migraines or for cosmetic reasons to treat wrinkles. Botox can also treat various medical conditions like excessive sweating and neck spasms, among many other conditions. Botox injection can cosmetically address issues including:

· Frown lines

· Wrinkles

· Crow’s feet

· Chin dimpling

What are fillers?

These are injections primarily used to treat smile lines, but can also help plump up lips and cheeks. Facial Dermal Fillers can be a treatment for facial wrinkles or reduce scar appearances. You may opt for dermal fillers because of the following reasons:

· Adding volume to skin that sags

· Reducing scars

· Plumping up cheeks or lips

· Removing wrinkles and creases

You can also use dermal fillers to make your face look more symmetrical.

Can you use Fillers and Botox together?

It is possible to use the two cosmetic injections simultaneously, depending on your skin goal. You can always consult with your doctor if it is the right course of action.

How effective are Botox and Fillers?

Botox injections will give you noticeable results after a few weeks from your first injection. You may have side effects that will go away over time as you continue your recovery. However, you may not be a candidate for the injection if you:

· Have skin issues like deep scars

· Are pregnant

· Having weak facial muscles

· Suffer any neuromuscular disease

The results from a Botox injection can last up to four months, and if you wish to maintain your results, you may require additional treatment.

On the other hand, fillers are also efficient and offer results that can last longer than Botox injections. However, fillers may present the possibility of more side effects, including:

· Redness and bruising

· Infection

· Allergic reactions

· Itching and numbness

The results from filler injections can last for months and even extend to years, and the recovery time for the treatment is minimal.

Your doctor may recommend testing for any allergies before the procedure to lower your risk of allergic reactions after treatment. You can use ice on the treated area to help reduce swelling and numbness. Smoking may not be recommended for you to achieve desired results with fillers. As for Botox injections, maintaining good health will ensure you get the best results you want, alongside fewer risks and side effects.

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