Does Marriage Affect a Man’s Life Expectancy?

We all know the quips about how a man marrying a woman is likely to shorten his life through nagging and being asked to do too many chores. What does science have to say on the matter? We’re going to take a closer look at the topic and show you what a man can truly expect from marrying a lovely partner. The actual impact might surprise you!

Marriage Affect a Man’s Life Expectancy

Men’s Health and Marriage:

A man’s health and his marriage are inevitably intertwined. Commented by Owen Wilcox, co-founder of US Installment Loans. A single man can be someone to have fun with, but a married man is responsible for his family. That sort of pressure can harm a man, but the partnership can also reduce the impact that stress has on a man’s life. For that reason, it’s no small wonder that people so frequently meet married men online who are looking to chat and flirt with others to blow off some steam. The privacy offered by dating sites allows people to seek men in relationships and help them forget about the problems that come with married life. Nevertheless, married guys have to consider the impact that such coupling will have on their overall health. Based on all factors, it would appear that married men live 2.2 years longer compared to single men between the ages of 65 and 85. Interestingly enough, the same holds true for women in the sense that they live longer when they are married. When adding multiple factors to this set of data, interesting trends emerge. For example, when a woman marries a man who is significantly older or younger than her, her average lifespan shrinks. The same concept does not apply to men, though. No matter their age, they benefit from being married to a woman. In other words, all that nagging and your “honey-do” list might just be the thing that is keeping you around longer.

Love & Relationships:

The reasons that marriage has a positive impact on a man’s life expectancy are numerous. It’s hard to understate the positive impact that being in a loving relationship can have upon someone. Men in a married relationship, especially a relationship with children, are far less likely to take risks in their work and personal lives than single men. As a result, they are more insulated from accidents, poor decision-making, and negative behavior like eating and drinking poorly throughout the years. On a strictly financial level, married couples are more likely than others to have health insurance, and that can help people seek the medical attention they need to live longer. These are just a brief overview of the advantages that couples have over single people, at least in terms of longevity. You must do more than stay married to get the health benefits, though. You need to cultivate a relationship that reaps the rewards for you in terms of love, support, emotional connectivity, and physical satisfaction. Sometimes that will require people to explore different facets of themselves and admit differences between them and their partners. Going back to the topic of married men chatting online, it’s clear that sometimes a lag behind in libido from the wife can be solved by allowing the man to stray a little online and have some fun. Many approaches exist for people that would like to maintain a long-standing relationship, and they must all be based on love.

Positive and Negative Factors Affecting Married Men’s Health

Many factors can positively and negatively affect a married man’s health aside from being married to the best woman in the world. We’re going to break down some parts of each.


  • Couples live longer because they tend to have more money, better housing, reasons to live, and health insurance.
  • The couple supports one another with healthy habits (eating, exercise, etc.).
  • The man feels free to talk about his emotions with his partner.
  • The man has access to means to boost his energy and mental potency to remain good at his job.
  • The two partners are open to developing their relationship instead of allowing it to stagnate.


  • If both partners have negative habits that feed into one another, it could turn bad.
  • Couples that grow apart and resent each other can negatively impact one’s mental and physical states.

As you can see, marriage can be a great benefit, but it can be a detractor if the relationship is unhealthy.

Finding the right partner to marry can be a trial. Yet, medical research is clear that people who get married to a good partner tend to have more happiness in their lives and survive longer than those who don’t. Work on finding someone special by looking at dating services or keeping your eyes open as you go about your daily life. You might just