Common Dental Crown Myths

Over the years, there has been an increase in awareness regarding dental health. However, regardless of these measures, fewer people have employed these measures effectively, causing dental problems. In most instances, these conditions require exceptional treatment to restore the tooth’s performance. One of these treatments is a dental crown mounted over the tooth to restore its size, shape, and strength and boost its appearance. If you are suffering from a dental problem, Glendale same day crown will help solve it. The following are common myths regarding a dental crown.

They Cannot Break, Crack, or Chip

One advantage of dental crowns is that their porcelain is hard, which makes them hard to break. However, even though this porcelain is strong and resistant to chipping and breaking, it does not mean they are entirely immune to damage. For instance, the crown is likely to break if you continually bite hard products or have an accident. Even though they can break, you can easily repair or replace them.

They Look Fake and Unnatural

Most people hate to hear that the object that they have looks fake. The main reason is people values perfection and wants to be told that they have an original product. Some people have been avoiding the crowns after being told they would have an unnatural look. However, most tooth-colored crowns look completely natural. After having them, the person will have a natural tooth experience, and no one will be able to differentiate them from the natural tooth. You should, therefore, not worry about having a dental crown due to the fear of appearance.

They are Painful

Most individuals fear experiencing pain and embrace different measures to eliminate pain as much as possible. Many people have avoided dental crowns after hearing that the process will be painful and will take a long before the person recovers. Mounting the dental crown is not painful since the dentist puts a local numbing jelly around the gum, your teeth, and surrounding tissues. There are also other instances where the specialist injects an anesthetic. You should not fear having a dental crown since you will not suffer pain.

They are not Affordable

People have wanted dental crowns but failed to seek treatment since they believe they cannot afford them. It is critical to understand that dental crowns are cheaper than most dental implants. Therefore, you should visit the health provider to inquire about the payment plan options that could help you pay effectively.

They Call for More Efforts to Maintain Them

Some people believe that having dental crowns would interfere with their lifestyle. However, you would require the same oral care you offer your natural teeth for dental crowns. You should brush at least twice daily and floss your teeth daily. You should not be worried that having them will interfere with your life.

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