Clear Aligners and what they entail

As you conduct your daily activities, it is hard to give precedence to dental issues if they are not causing any health problems. Dental health is not given a high priority in medical health, as evidenced by the reluctance of many insurance companies to cover it. This is because improving your dental health due to issues that have no adverse effects on your health is considered a surplus to your medical requirements. However, the quality of life can be improved by Orlando clear aligners. More about clear aligners and what they involve is highlighted further below.

What are Clear Aligners?

These are a type of orthodontic treatment plan that uses see-through aligners to deal with crooked or misaligned teeth. They are not easily seen and are portable alternatives to braces due to their benefits in flexibility and convenience.

Each appliance is made special for each patient to fit them depending on how extreme the teeth misalignment is. Clear aligners that can be used in the office can take on various dental cases such as:

·         Overbites when the upper teeth on the front protrude over the lower ones

·         Crowded teeth when your teeth overlap

·         Underbites when the lower teeth on the front protrude over the upper ones

·         Open bites when the lower and upper front teeth bent outwards, making your teeth not touch when you close the mouth

·         Diastema characterized by large or small gaps between your teeth

·         Aligners can assist misaligned baby teeth in creating space for developing permanent teeth and existing baby teeth. This is typically for children between five and ten years.

Clear aligners can be distinguished into two kinds:

At-home aligners are a cheaper aligner option handed out without the need for visiting a dental specialist or orthodontist for checkups.

In-office aligners are the most widespread option as they have been available for a long time. A licensed aligner specialist must be seen to get these aligners in a more intense technique.

Both these aligners are made from see-through plastic that is BPA-free and medical-grade. They can be custom-shaped to be placed along your gum line without touching the gums. This makes them more invisible and less irritating.

Most at-home options are not trimmed across your gum line and partially cover the gums. They can cause minimal irritation in the initial stage of the treatment plan.

Some direct-to-consumer aligners are used to only deal with minor cases of teeth misalignment like small gaps in your teeth or a few crooked teeth.

After your dentist makes a customized treatment plan, making clear aligners begins by making digital impressions of your teeth. These are formed through 3D technology and checked before moving them to the production lab. The aligners are custom-fitted and must be replaced every few weeks while wearing them for at least twenty hours daily.

Clear aligners are essential to improving your smile with as little discomfort and disruptions to your life. They are also hardly noticeable compared to braces. For inquiries on clear aligners, check our website, or call our offices in Orlando, FL.