Choosing the Right Pet Movers for Stress-free Pet Relocation! Make It a Priority

Moving to a new destination tends to be an entirely different experience for the pets compared to other household members. Pet owners prefer to travel with them during the transition, but some challenges may exist. That’s why pet movers are needed. They provide safe transportation for them while guiding you through this journey end to end.

  • The role of pet movers

They are like travel agents for your dogs and cats. Relocating furry friends involves lots of regulatory complexities. You can depend on their knowledge and experience to make this process easy. Typically, land and air transportation are accessible. However, air travel is always better due to its speed and convenience. Specific documentation tasks will be there. You must complete them to live with your pet in the new place. Some pet movers also offer concierge services for pets. You can visit for an idea. No matter the service you hire, charges may vary based on the company’s location, your requirements, and other situations.

Before talking to a company, you can check the types of animals they help relocate. Dogs and cats are easy to move. However, any exotic animals would need extra caution during transportation. Nevertheless, adherence to live animal shifting rules is necessary regardless of the species. So, choose one that strictly follows all government regulations concerning container use, medical documents, etc. Otherwise, your whole effort of moving your pet will be fruitless. You may have to leave it behind at a shelter or with a new pet parent. 

Some people check only the positive sides, forgetting to pay attention to red flags. For example, a pet moving agency can ask you to sedate or tranquilise your dog or cat. But that’s against government rules as sedation can cause injuries or even death. Hence, it’s better to avoid them immediately. On the contrary, a responsible moving company will encourage only safe practices. They will be thorough about import or export procedures, ensuring all the health certificates and permits are in proper order. 

  • Conversations with the pet movers

The advantage of hiring professional transportation services for your pet is the ease you and your pet experience throughout the journey. However, the choice of the vendor has to be appropriate. You can find out whether they are efficient or not by asking them a few pertinent questions. For example, you can inquire about how to prepare your pet for long travel. Find out what they say about medical emergencies. It will give you confidence in trusting them with your pet’s health. They should also mention about quarantine requirements and booking a spot for them. 

Generally, moving within a city is much easier. Complications enter when it involves a foreign destination. That means you want to be alert whether you want to relocate with your pet to Singapore or from here to somewhere else. Learning about a destination country’s pet rules becomes essential. Certain species of dogs and cats may not be allowed in some countries. If you own one, you may have to rethink your entire plan. You cannot carry them to the new home. It can be heart-breaking, but there is no choice. So, get a knowledgeable and experienced travel agency for your pet relocation needs to avoid any last-minute hassle.