An adverse effect on men of Erectile Dysfunction these days

The erectile dysfunction condition takes place when the person is not able to attain or maintain erections rigid enough for facilitating physical intercourse. This particular disease is being associated with growing age. So, it has been found that the risk of males experiencing this particular sexual dysfunction either doubles or even triples between the age of 40 to 70 years. However, it may also affect males belonging to all age groups.

Researches on impotence worldwide

 In one of the studies conducted in Australia, there are around 10% of the males between the age group of 20 to 39 years reported the symptoms of erectile issues. Although, impotence is not a life-threatening situation. However, it is something that has a serious impact on the overall well-being, quality of relationships as well as the life of individuals. This particular dysfunction is also one of the serious causes of the breakdown in the relationship, and stress also negatively impacts the self-esteem of the males. Also, erectile dysfunction in males adversely impacts the effectiveness of the sexual functioning of the partner.

Systemic health condition

This particular sexual syndrome is having its associated with several of systemic health conditions. It is something that is impacting the entire body or even various other body systems. This particular condition is also impacting the physical health of the males.

Effect of erectile dysfunction on males

Whatever be the causative factor of erectile dysfunction, the psychological impact can be extremely significant. Although medications can be one of the solutions. However, the holistic treatment approach can definitely produce a much better result. In order to achieve a happy and successful married life, both partners need to be physically and mentally sound. Although society has already made significant progress in openly discussing sexual health over the past few decades, however, many males still feel embarrassed to talk about the problem and hesitate to seek medical assistance. Erectile dysfunction is one such issue that males don’t intend to communicate about. 

Psychological distress

The frequent occurrence of sexual dysfunction is distressing. Some of the psychological issues that may arise due to this particular condition include fear, depression, anxiety as well as stress. It actually serves as the most common emotional response. Such particular feelings can be quite intense in younger males. Some of them consider it as humiliation.

Intimacy withdrawal

The perceived incapability of some of the males to pleasure their partner is another biggest concern. They feel that letting their partners down or sometimes they feel terrified that their partner will leave them knowing about the issue. Boost Your Intimacy with Cenforce 100 mg and Cenforce 200. It can also result in many of the males withdrawing intimacy when the relationship tends to become most vulnerable. So, it can leave the partners of a male suffering from erectile dysfunction feeling extremely unwanted and at the same time unloved.


Also, many of the males start feeling isolated while suffering from the condition of impotence. This is an extremely common perception as they feel quite embarrassed and there is a lack of support from friends and family members. As there is a social expectation of males from society, they are always supposed to live up to the code of conduct.

Also one of the detrimental impacts of the erectile dysfunction condition when the male is not in a relationship is that they start comprehending about the idea of establishing a new relationship is looking out for the new partner. Even when they try to forge new relationships, the ED individual will be hesitant or feel embarrassed of disclosing the condition of sexual dysfunction due to the fear of being rejected.

Performance anxiety

Another episode of erectile dysfunction which is serving as one of the main contributors to the perpetuating issue is performance anxiety. The anxiety will be taking the form of the belief that they are required to pleasure their partner. You can also treat your Anxiety with Vidalista 20 and Cenforce 150 For this purpose, they are required to attain erections that are firm, fast enough, and at the same time long-lasting. Due to this particular mindset, there can also be triggering of episodes of erectile issues.

Effect of erectile dysfunction on the partner

The well-being of the partner is also equally important. A relationship will work out only when partners will truly understand one another. A few of the common feelings that arise in the partners of males having ED involve the mixed feelings of rejection, guilt, shame, frustration as well as being unloved. Simply coming to the terms with this particular issue and trying to understand why this disease has occurred is undoubtedly the most difficult. So, just trying to rationalize the issue and understand the reason why it has taken place can lead to upsetting in the thought pattern. The partner may feel that they are no longer attractive and at the same time they worry about the possibility of infidelity.

Remedy to handle adverse impact of ED

Clear cut communication

So, without clear-cut communication as well as the acknowledgment of the impotence issues, such types of psychological problems will be persisting and impact the partner.


Psychosexual counseling or therapy will be taking the aspects of curing ED that traditional medical treatment will not address. Owing to the severity as well as the complexity of the consequences of erectile dysfunction, a tailored treatment approach that utilizes the combination of psychosexual counseling as well as medications should be adopted.