7 Common Health Issues Every Women Should Understand

A high percentage of diseases and death rates in women are because of a lack of knowledge and hesitation about discussing the matter publicly. The health issues become more severe when they are left untreated. A woman’s health check can help identify potential health problems and risks.

You can treat the disease by taking preventive measures, but that is only when you have an understanding and essential background of the disease. Indeed, not everyone woman has a piece of medical knowledge. Therefore, this post will help guide the critical health issues that women must know!

Breast Cancer

The leading issue in females is breast cancer which is prevailing day by day. Women of any age should learn how to check for lumps, and if they notice any changes in feeling or appearance of the breast, they should always contact a doctor for a professional check. Late diagnosis of the disease can lead to the removal of breasts from the body to prevent the spread of cancer.

However, cancer can also be treated with radiation and targets healthy cells in the body. Therefore, an on-time diagnosis can reduce the chances of the severity of the disease.

Heart Attack

Blockage in the arteries, enlargement of the heart, hardening of veins, eating fried items, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and family history are the leading causes of a heart attack in females. The initial symptoms include chest pain, arm pain, jaw pain, sweating, cold sweats, and nausea.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases can be threatening not only for women but also for men! For example, a pregnant woman with an infection can be hazardous for the child in the womb. The symptoms like warts, ulcers, unusual fluid discharge from the vagina, pain while having sex, and foul-smelling can be problematic, which someone should not ignore.

Bone Weakness

Osteoporosis is a common health issue that affects the weakness of the bones. It occurs with old age and can get in the way of daily life. People should be aware of their bone strength, and it is important to consume enough calcium, and vitamin D to keep bones strong and healthy.


Diabetes is also one of the prevailing health conditions in females! Diabetes can occur during pregnancy and harm the baby’s health. Not only that, but those women also who have a family background of diabetic patients must have to keep an eye on their blood glucose levels. Diabetes is not just a disturbance in the blood glucose level; it can also lead to the blurriness of eyesight, liver damage, renal disorders, and heart strokes.

Gastrointestinal Tract Problems

Gastrointestinal tract problems are mainly related to an unhygienic diet, food poisoning, or auto-immune disease. Lactose intolerance, diarrhoea, and constipation are the leading complications. During a woman’s health check, you should ask your doctor for a diet plan to keep your stomach healthy.

Fertility Complications

Infertility affects a lot of women, and can be caused by a number of issues such as:

·  Lack of ovulation

·  Blocked fallopian tubes

·  Endometriosis

It is important to have your fertility checked if you are planning to start a family. This can usually be carried out at your GP’s office or your gynaecologist.