Heart Attack or Stroke Recovery – How Physiotherapy Can Aid in Your Recovery

Have you or someone you know recently had a heart attack or stroke? 

Heart attack and stroke can leave you with little to no mobility, speech impairments, and the risk of having another one. 

Finding the best physio in Perth can help you recover and prevent further incidents or damage. 

Read on to learn how physio Mount Hawthorn can help you with cardiac and neurological problems, as well as your physical recovery. 

Heart Attack Therapy 

A heart attack is a cardiovascular issue that occurs when there are changes in the vessels which supply blood to the heart.

It can be caused by coronary diseases, blockages, age, stress, increased blood pressure, and many other factors or diseases. 

Once you are medically stable from your heart attack, a physiotherapist can treat you to improve the symptoms of a heart attack, as well as prevent any future heart attack or heart episodes. 

This is typically done with daily exercises, as well as rehabilitative exercises during your visit.

Your physiotherapist may also recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to help you stay healthy and aid in your treatment. 

It is vital to follow your physiotherapist’s instructions to help control your blood pressure and heart performance through proper exercise, weight loss, smoking cessation, and cholesterol management. 

Stroke Therapy 

A stroke typically occurs when there is a blockage of blood flow to the brain. 

This causes the brain to lose out on the proper amount of nutrients and oxygen that the brain needs to function and causes brain cells to die. 

Strokes can be caused by similar things as a heart attack, and can be brought on by issues in the cardiovascular or neurological system. 

It can also be caused by bleeding on the brain.

A stroke can cause long-term brain damage, numbness, paralysis, headaches, weakness, loss of mobility or functionality, and long-term disability. 

A physiotherapist can help a stroke victim regain mobility, balance, strength, range of movement, and posture with exercise and pain management. 

Exercises and treatments for recovery from a stroke may include things such as:

  • assisted or unassisted walking
  • Treadmill or other machine usage
  • Dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Goal setting to reach improvement points
  • Or massage for stimulation and pain management

Finding the Best Physio 

If you or someone you know has had a stroke or heart attack and is seeking a physiotherapist for recovery, do your research to find the best therapist. 

Ask your doctor who they would recommend. 

Look at reviews and customer testimonials. 

Discuss the symptoms you are noticing, where you feel you need help, what your doctor has said, and what medications you are on. 

Have them tell you what your first appointment may look like, a possible treatment plan, and what you should expect during recovery. 

Talk to the physio and your insurance to determine how much, if anything, you may need to pay out of pocket per visit.

After having a heart attack or stroke, your range of mobility and functionality may go down, and your risks of having another one increases. 

A physio Mount Hawthorn can treat you with daily exercises, monitored rehab exercises, and dietary changes. 

The best physio in Perth focuses on the holistic approach to give you back mobility and functionality while helping prevent another heart attack or stroke. 

If you or someone you know has suffered a heart attack or stroke, contact a physiotherapist for a holistic hands-on approach to regain mobility, functionality, and normalcy, today.