Ensure Your Baby’s Optimal Health With Obstetric Care

Discovering that you are pregnant should be one of the joyous moments in your life. To preserve that joy, you may need to contact an obstetrician to monitor your baby’s growth and prevent any complications that may lead to miscarriage. If you are looking for comprehensive care during pregnancy, you may benefit from the obstetrics & gynecology Woodside services at Raveco Medical.

What you need to know about obstetrics

Obstetrics focuses on caring for women during childbirth and pregnancy and diagnosing medical concerns that affect their reproductive organs. It also addresses other issues such as infertility, birth control (contraception), menopause, and hormone problems. Some of the services that the Raveco Medical team offers include cesarean section delivery, prenatal ultrasounds, prenatal care, high-risk pregnancy care, postpartum care, and vaginal delivery. If you suspect you are pregnant, you can schedule an appointment at Raveco Medical to confirm your status and begin prenatal visits. During your first appointment, the team determines the due date and develops a care plan to ensure your and your baby’s safety.

What prenatal care involves

Prenatal care should begin after you confirm that you’re pregnant and continue until you deliver. Prenatal care appointments usually involve checking the vital signs of the fetus, periodic ultrasounds to determine the gender of the baby, and monitoring their development and the mother’s general health. The team may also offer additional services such as tests for gestational diabetes, blood pressure assessment, and blood tests.

They may also educate you about the importance of regular exercise and healthy meals during pregnancy. The specialists emphasize that a healthy diet is essential for the optimal development and health of your baby. If you have any questions concerning diet, medications, or exercise, you can address them during prenatal visits.

The role of midwifery in obstetrics care

You may notice the presence of a midwife during one of your appointments. The midwife may help prepare you for childbirth, give you advice and moral support and help you with routine checks and tests. A midwife’s role is more evident during childbirth. They support you through labor and delivery and can help care for you and the baby immediately after delivery. They can address all types of questions, including breastfeeding and weaning.

Types of tests available in obstetrics care

Raveco Medical performs a wide range of tests for several medical conditions, including:

  • Fetal no-stress tests

A fetal non-stress test is a noninvasive test that you undergo after 28 weeks of gestation. It monitors the baby’s heart rate and movement. It can also indicate whether or not the fetus is receiving adequate oxygen due to umbilical cord or placenta problems, in addition to identifying any form of fetal distress.

  • Cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis damages the digestive system and lungs, reducing the expected lifespan. You and your partner may need to undergo blood tests to determine if you’re carriers of cystic fibrosis. If you are, you may undergo an amniocentesis diagnostic test to determine if the baby is affected.

Call the Raveco Medical office or book your spot online if you are expectant and need obstetric care services.