Himalaya Liv.52 DS: Uses, Price, Dosage, Side Effects, Composition

Liv52 Ds Tablet is used to treat constipation, dyspepsia, jaundice and various other digestive disorders and liver problems. Liv52 Ds Tablet is very helpful in improving the digestive system. It is also helpful in reducing blood sugar level and reducing high cholesterol. Capparis Spinosa and Chicory are the major components of Liv52 Ds Tablet. Liv52 Ds Tablet is manufactured by The Himalaya Drug Company.

Name Liv52 Ds Tablet
Price Rs. 139.98 for 60 Tablets
Manufacturer The Himalaya Drug Company
Composition/Salt Caper Bush Extract/Capparis Spinosa, Black Nightshade, Terminalia Arjuna, Negro Coffee, Wild Chicory, Tamarisk, Achillea Millefolium

Himalaya Liv 52 DS

Composition of Liv 52 Ds Tablet:

Liv52 DS Tablet is formed by mixing various herbs and herbal extracts which are very helpful in removing toxins from our body. Herbs and herbal extracts which Liv52 Ds Tablet contains are –

  • Caper Bush Extract/Capparis Spinosa
  • Black Nightshade
  • Terminalia Arjuna
  • Negro Coffee
  • Wild Chicory
  • Tamarisk
  • Achillea Millefolium

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Usage of Liv 52 Ds Tablet:

Li v52 Ds Tablet is very helpful in preventing and curing various digestive disorders, stomach disorders and liver disorders. Some of the uses of Liv52 Ds Tablet are –

  • Hepatitis A – Liv52 Ds Tablet is used to cure Hepatitis A as it helps in removing the toxins spread due to Hepatitis A.
  • Jaundice – Liv52 Ds Tablet is prescribed by all doctors/physicians to cure jaundice as it removes Bilirubin which causes jaundice.
  • Constipation – This medicine is also helpful in relieving constipation as Liv52 Ds Tablet is beneficial for digestion.
  • Digestion and Appetite – Liv52 Ds Tablet is beneficial for improving digestion and appetite of the patient.
  • Cirrhosis – Liv52 Ds Tablet is also used in treatment of cirrhosis which is a medical condition in which liver is badly affected due to alcohol.
  • Speeds the recovery of patient
  • Anemia – It is also helpful in the treatment of anemia as it is helpful in increasing the hemoglobin level of the body.
  • Increase the liver efficiency and helps treating various liver problems like Liver pain and high cholesterol
  • Indigestion
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Asthma
  • Uterus Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Ulcer

How To Use Liv52 Ds Tablet:

Liv52 Ds Tablets should not be consumed empty stomach it should be taken only after 30 minutes of meal. Liv52 Ds tablets should not be crushed or chewed it should be taken directly with water. It is generally advised to take 2 tablets of Liv52 Ds for adults, please follow the advice of your doctor/physician. Always tell your doctor or physician about your allergies and medical history.

Adverse & Side Effects of Liv 52 Ds Tablet:

Liv52 Ds Tablets works differently on different patients. Liv52 Ds Tablets are quite safe to use as they are made from herbal components. However some of the side effects that may occur after consuming Liv52 Ds Tablets are given below. Please consult your doctor if you find any of these side effects.

  • Skin Irritation
  • Skin Rashes
  • Skin Inflammation

Precautions and Warning While Using Liv52 Ds Tablets:

Liv52 Ds Tablets should only be used as per your doctor’s advice. Check the labels of the medicine carefully. Always tell your doctor or physician about your medical history or allergies. Some of the precautions that should be taken before using Liv52 Ds Tablets are –

  • Pregnancy – It is not recommended to use this medicine during pregnancy, please consult your doctor before using this medicine.
  • Alcohol – Interaction of this medicine with alcohol is not safe. Do not consume this medicine with Alcohol.
  • Breast Feeding – This medicine is not recommended for the patients who are lactating, please consult your doctor before using this medicine.

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