10 Nail Polish Hacks To Try Out Now

Always trying to apply nail polish perfectly? We know it’s not easy to do it like professionals. If you buy nail polish regularly, you must know how to apply it. Applying nail polish as a trial and error is not the correct hack. We are here to provide you with the best nail polish hacks.

Nail Polish Hacks

1. Try Petroleum Jelly For Cleanup

Putting nail polish without letting it reach your skin is a big task. We have got the best solution to this problem. Use Petroleum jelly on the cuticles of your nails. It will act as a barrier between your skin and the nail polish, which will prevent it from reaching your skin.

2. Put A Base Coat On Your Tips

You must apply a base coat of nail polish on the tip of your nails. This will help prevent your nails and their polish from getting chipped before time.

3. Use White Nail Polish As A Base Coat

If you do not have an opaque nail colour, it will change the original colour of the nail polish on your nails. To avoid this, try to buy nail polish that is white in color.

4. Use A Rubber Band For French Tips

Who doesn’t love a French Manicure? You can get those nails at home by using a rubber band on your nail tips while applying nail polish. Apply the final coat after the nail polish dries.

5. Make Your Own Nail Polish Color

When you are done with all the nail polishes that you have, make your own one. Use an eyeshadow pigment and a transparent nail polish. Use a little bit of that eye shadow and mix it with your transparent nail polish.

6. Dry Your Wet Nails In Cold Water

Putting your wet nails in hot water will spoil them, but cold water will help them dry faster than you think. You can also add a bit of aftershave lotion to the water for a good smell and smoother skin.

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7. Use A Nonstick Cooking Spray

For the finishing touch, you can use your non-stick cooking spray. This will keep the surface of your nails lubricated and will prevent them from getting damaged.

8. Roll Your Nail Polish Bottle

Instead of shaking your nail polish bottle, roll it. This will keep your nails protected from the bubbles that tend to appear after applying nail polish.

9. Use Hot Water To Open A Stuck Nail Polish Cap

If you haven’t used nail polish in a long time, the cap will get stuck. You can use hot water to loosen the cap instead of using all your force to open it.

10. Put Petroleum Jelly On The Lip Of The Bottle

Try to use Petroleum Jelly on the lip of the bottle. It will prevent your nail polish caps from getting stuck in the first place.

Here are the best nail polish hacks for you and the perfect introduction to Ustraa products. Try them out now!

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