Why should you get your ears checked regularly?

Hearing tests measure how well a person can discern between loudness and pitch. A hearing test assesses a person’s hearing sensitivity over the whole speech spectrum. An audiogram is a type of hearing test that determines the quietest sound that can be heard repeatedly within the speech range.

Among the tests offered are pure tone audiometry and speech discrimination tests. Hearing tests are given on a case-by-case basis for babies and children.

The Pure tone audiometry cost too is affordable and is found to average anywhere between 500 to 1000 INR. Apart from the traditional audiography tests, now one can also avail of audiometry tests online and such audiogram test costs are quite economical and affordable. Also, hearing tests in Singapore typically cost around $15 and above for a checkup and if you require hearing aids, the price will be higher.

How do we hear?

A sound wave is created by the vibrations of air molecules. Massive vibrations produce a loud sound, but little vibrations produce a gentle sound. Before transferring sound vibrations to the cochlea, an inner ear snail-shaped structure filled with fluid, the bones in the middle ear amplify, or intensify, them. The decibel scale (dB) is used to measure the volume of sound.

Slow vibrations create low-frequency noises such as a foghorn, whereas fast vibrations produce high-frequency sounds like a whistle. These tests are usually administered by audiologists, or hearing specialists.

Signs you must Get Your Hearing Checked
There are definitely other occasions besides your yearly hearing exam that you simply might want to form a briefing along with your hearing specialist. as an example, if you recognize signs of deafness. And in those cases, it’s often an honest idea to promptly get in reality with a hearing professional and schedule a hearing test.
Some of the signs which may prompt you to urge a hearing test could include:

• Your hearing is dull like there’s water in your ears.
• Regularly asking people to repeat themselves or impede during a conversation.
• Cranking your television or car stereo to extremely high volumes (if your neighbors begin to complain, that’s an honest indication you ought to see a hearing specialist right away).
• When you’re in a very loud environment, you’ve got trouble hearing conversations.
• Having a really hard time comprehending people when talking on the phone, mobile or otherwise
• It’s normal for hearing disorders within the high-pitched register to fail first and since consonants are in an exceedingly higher-pitched register than vowels, they typically go first.

A good indication that right away is that the best time to induce a hearing exam is when the warning signs start to accumulate. You wish to acknowledge, what’s happening together with your ears which means getting a hearing test sooner instead of later.


So, if you’d prefer to have hearing examinations or tests more frequently, there’s certainly no harm in this, a minimum of when it involves your hearing. Since the last time you had a hearing test, you would possibly have new damage you must fathom, so regular hearing exams may be helpful.