Busting the Myths of Rehab

Discussing addiction and rehab often comes with a bit of stigma attached to it, and we’re not entirely sure why. It’s an absolutely vital retreat for people, overcoming a battle with alcohol Rehab in Glasgow or drugs and getting their lives back on track.

For many, when they think about rehab, it’s not a particularly nice picture painted, with a bit of a stereotype that it’s full of junkies or people who aren’t like you. In truth, that’s simply not the case.

Addiction can take a hold of anyone and you’ll find many people in rehab with common issues, interests and a common goal of getting sober.

But what are the main myths that need busting around rehab?

It’s too expensive!

Many people are put off by the cost of rehab and the truth is that it is costly. But can you put a price on your own health? It could save your life.

Additionally, that cost needs putting into context. While you’ll find the alcohol rehab cost is in the thousands, when you come out the other side of it you will no longer drink alcohol. So, not only will you be saving money on the cost of alcohol, but also things like taxi fares, takeaways, not missing days of work through hangovers, and when you think about that, in the long run spending money on rehab will save you a huge amount of money over the long term.

Going to rehab will get you sacked

When going into rehab, many will think that their life as they know it is over and once they can it’ll be like starting from scratch. It can be that if you want it to be, but you’ll find that many businesses will support employees through the rehab process as ultimately they’re looking to improve their life and health, and your employment will benefit from that when you return to work.

In some cases, if you’ve been under the influence at work, for example, you may be sacked, but that isn’t anything to do with rehab. Sit down with your boss prior to going to rehab and discuss your options. It may be that the stress of work is one of the major factors in you becoming addicted, so it may be better for you to leave and start afresh in a new career that you’re passionate about.

You’ll be cured after rehab

Finally, one of the most dangerous myths is that you’ll be cured once you leave rehab. You’ll certainly be in a better place, but there’s no such thing as being cured of addiction. You will always have addiction, it’s a chronic condition that needs to be managed, and rehab helps you with that.

It gives you the platform for recovery, but once you leave it’s up to you to use those learnings to provide a better future for yourself.