Benefits of Vascular Ultrasound Exam

Vascular issues like spider veins might seem like minor cosmetic problems, but they can progress into serious varicose vein problems. Therefore, you should not ignore vascular issues as they impact your health, leading to issues such as high blood pressure and strokes. Although your primary doctor will monitor various health concerns, they should recommend a vascular doctor who conducts Brooksville vascular ultrasound. The vascular ultrasound exam is a diagnostic and treatment tool for numerous vascular issues. Here is why you should get a vascular ultrasound exam when undergoing varicose veins treatment.

It Monitors Blood Flow

Vascular problems may result in poor blood circulation, and the vascular ultrasound checks if the blood flows as expected in the veins and arteries. Sometimes high blood pressure might force the blood vessels and heart leading to irregular heartbeats and strokes. Thus the exam might show if a person has either low or high blood pressure making it possible to seek further treatment.

They Determine Blockages

The vascular ultrasound exam determines blockages in the vascular system, making it easy to treat any underlying issues. They may determine abnormalities such as plaque and emboli, thus saving a patient’s life through an effective treatment. The test may also determine deep venous thrombosis in the major arms and legs veins, thus preventing heart and lung issues. Your doctor might use this diagnostic tool to determine if you are eligible for angioplasty or not and develop an effective treatment.

They Determine If Tissue Grafts Are Successful

Sometimes you might need organ or tissue grafts to deal with different health concerns. Although most tissue grafts are successful, your doctor will re-evaluate the success of the transfer after the surgery to ensure the tissues are merging. Thus, a vascular ultrasound will examine the grafts which bypass the blood vessels and evaluate if the procedure was successful.

It Determines If There Are Aneurysms and Varicose Veins

Your doctor might use the exam to determine if you have enlarged arteries that cause heart and circulation issues. Moreover, the test will determine if a patient has varicose veins. Although the varicose veins may appear enlarged and discolored, patients may require a vascular ultrasound exam to diagnose the condition effectively. Your doctor will map the veins on the legs using this exam before administering treatment plans such as sclerotherapy and surgery to treat the varicose veins.

How the Vascular Ultrasound Exam Is Useful When Treating Children

Vascular ultrasound is important when treating children as it aids in placing the catheter and needle in the veins and arteries. The children’s veins might not fully develop and are prone to complications like nerve injury, pseudo-aneurysm, and bleeding. Moreover, the test might evaluate the connection between the veins and arteries in young children’s congenital vascular malformations and dialysis fistula.

Sometimes it is easy to overlook a doctor’s instructions, especially if they recommend a procedure such as a vascular ultrasound exam. However, you should not overlook this exam as it determines different circulation issues and helps develop appropriate treatment. The exam may help patients develop remedies for varicose veins, high blood pressure, and emboli. Moreover, it is an effective tool when treating children as it shows the blood vessels leading to successful catheter placement and preventing over bleeding and other complications.