6 Common Sports Injuries You Should Know

Sports are one of the best ways of keeping you active and engaged with other people. However, they tend to be physically demanding as they require your body to endure many types of trauma and stress. As a result, athletics can be risky because regardless of exercising for the benefit of your health or competitions, there are always high chances of getting injured. Due to the increased number of sports injuries, Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio has helped many athletes with treatment. This article presents 6 common sports injuries that you should know.

1.     Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain is a familiar sports injury resulting from a twisted ankle from a fall or incorrect jumping. It causes a stretch or tears in the ligament, which is responsible for holding the ankle bone together. A most ankle sprain involves injuries on the outside of the ankle. Some signs and symptoms include swelling, bruising, joint looseness, instability, inflammation, and laxity.

2.     Bone Fractures

A break in your bone occurs from a quick, one-time injury or recurrent stress to the bone. Normally, closed fractures happen when the bone pierces the skin causing little damage to the nearby tissue. Open fractures are emergencies because the risk of infection is high once they break the skin. Alternatively, stress fractures occur in the legs and feet mainly for sports involving recurrent impact, like jumping and running.

3.     Bunions

Bunions refer to thin bumps occurring in the joints at the big toe’s base. The condition happens when certain bones in the front area move out from their unique position. As a result, your big toes dislocate and move near the smaller toes making the joint at the base stay out. Common signs and symptoms include swelling, calluses, bulging bumps, soreness, redness, and persistent pain that comes and goes.

4.     Plantar Fasciitis

This injury comprises pain occurring in the arch of your foot resulting from tendon inflammation. Most athletes prone to it include runners and joggers, although footballers, basketballers, and cyclers can also experience it. The pain can affect your movement for some time. Once you experience it, your provider can help you to stretch properly and take rest.

5.     Sciatica

It is a lower-back pain that goes down to the legs, mainly affecting athletes participating in sports such as baseball, tennis, running, and cycling. Sciatica mainly results from improper stretching, even though runners can experience it if they have one longer leg than the other. The condition requires instant medical attention, although you can address spasms with rest, ice, or anti-inflammatory drugs.

6.     Achilles Tendinitis

This issue occurs due to overuse injury if the Achilles tendon links calf muscles at the back of your lower leg to the heel bone. It is mainly common to runners who suddenly increase their intensity or duration when running. Your doctor can treat numerous Achilles cases with a relative, at-home care.

Sports injuries can be embarrassing because they cause pain that hinders you from effectively carrying out your daily activities. If you have been struggling with injuries, worry no more because we have a solution for you. Podiatrist Marque Allen of Sports Medicine Associates in San Antonio, Texas, is a double board-qualified foot and ankle surgeon offering passionate, convenient, and all-inclusive treatment for over twenty years. Visit, call their office or book online to enjoy his services today.